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The official newspaper of Pomfret Connecticut

Welcome to the online version of our monthly community newspaper!

The Pomfret Times is the official newspaper of the Town of Pomfret Connecticut and is mailed monthly to every household. It contains local town news, event information, Selectman postings, recreation schedules, editorials, conservation commission, board of finance, and board of education articles, the town calendar and local library information.

Editorial Board: Elizabeth L. Cartier, Daryl M. Hartman and Maureen Nicholson.

•Elizabeth L. Cartier
Email: elizabeth_c25@yahoo.com (860-974-0688)

•Daryl M. Hartman
Email: thepomfrettimeslayout@gmail.com (860-234-1389)

•Maureen A. Nicholson
Email: CHARNIC@aol.com (860-928-0070)